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Advance Your Career in Chemistry

Get advice to keep your chemistry career on track, sharpen your skills, polish your resume, answer tough interview questions, weather unemployment, and succeed at what you love to do! Salary surveys are also included here.
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Chemist Salary Profile
This is a look at the average salary of a chemist in the United States. Values are given the Chemist I salary and also for chemist salaries based on experience.

Why You Should Get Your Doctoral Degree
If you are studying chemistry or another science, will you stop with a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree? Read about the advantages to getting a Ph.D.

Working from Home - Chemistry & Other Sciences
Are you looking for a way to work at home in the sciences? Here is a list of employment options, with notes on what to expect when you make the transition to home and ideas for staying up-to-date in your field.

AIChE's Career and Employment Services
Career and job search resources from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, includes also job listings, tips, and information about trends.

Career Choices for Chemical Engineers
From the AIChE. A general description of chemical engineering, the various industries in which chemical engineers work, and the various career options. Includes movie clips and example scenarios describing the scope of a "typical" project.

Career Planning
A collection of links from an expert, J. Steven Niznik, About Guide to Job Searching - Technical.

Career Planning
This About.com site offers considerable support on topics such as interviewing, resume writing, salaries, legal issues, salaries, and references.

Engineering and Research Industry Statistics
Selected list of tables and figures from Plunkett Research.

Scientific Career Transitions (SCT) Program 5.0
An organization to help scientists, engineers, and other credentialed professionals to help themselves make a career transition and to find appropriate work. Though non-profit a fee is required.

Technology and the Nation's Future
Online book from the National Academy of Sciences on government policies regarding technology development (64 kB).

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