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Fun Bubble Science Projects

Science Projects and Experiments with Bubbles


It's fun to play with bubbles! You can do much more with bubbles than simply blow a few here and there. Here's a list of fun science projects and experiments involving bubbles.

1. Make Bubble Solution

A soap bubble consists of a thin layer of water trapped between two layers of soap molecules.
brokenchopstick, Flickr
Before we get too far along, you might want to make up some bubble solution. Yes, you can buy bubble solution. It is easy to make it yourself, too.

2. Bubble Rainbow

Make a bubble rainbow with a water bottle, old sock, dishwashing liquid and food coloring.
Anne Helmenstine
Make a rainbow of bubbles using a sock, dishwashing liquid and food coloring. This simple project is fun, messy and great way to explore bubbles and color.

3. Bubble Prints

Bubble Print
Anne Helmenstine
This is a project in which you capture the impression of bubbles on paper. It is fun, plus a great way to study the shapes bubbles make.

4. Microwave Ivory Soap

This soap sculpture actually resulted from a small piece of Ivory soap.
Anne Helmenstine
This project is a super-easy way to produce a mound of bubbles in your microwave. It doesn't harm your microwave or the soap.

5. Dry Ice Crystal Ball

This is a dry ice bubble.
Anne Helmenstine
This project uses dry ice and bubble solution to make a giant bubble that resembles a swirling cloudy crystal ball.

6. Burning Bubbles

If you blow a flammable gas into soapy water, you can ignite the resulting bubbles.
Anne Helmenstine
This project requires adult supervision! You blow flammable bubbles and set them on fire.

7. Colored Bubbles

You can use your command of chemistry to make colored bubbles.
Alex Buckingham, Getty Images
These colored bubbles are based on disappearing ink so the the pink or blue bubble color vanishes after the bubbles pop, leaving no stains.

8. Glowing Bubbles

Glowing Bubble
Anne Helmenstine
It is easy to make bubbles that will glow when exposed to a black light. This fun bubble project is great for parties.

9. Mentos and Soda Bubble Fountain

The mentos & diet cola fountain is easy and fun.
Anne Helmenstine
You can use other candies for this project besides Mentos. They need to be about the same size as the opening to your bottle and should stack neatly. Diet soda is usually recommended for this project because it doesn't produce a sticky mess, but you can use normal soda just fine.

10. Frozen Bubbles

Bubble floating over dry ice.
Anne Helmenstine
You can use dry ice to freeze bubbles solid so that you can pick them up and examine them closely. You can use this project to demonstrate several scientific principles, such as density, interference, semipermeability, and diffusion.

11. Antibubbles

Antibubbles consist of a liquid drop surrounded by a layer of gas.
Antibubbles are droplets of liquid that are surrounded by a thin film of gas. There are several places you can observe antibubbles, plus you can make them yourself.

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