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Chemistry Blogs

Keep up with the latest happenings in the world of chemistry with these blogs.

Chemistry Blogs
Do you have a chemistry blog or do you know of a great blog that you use to find out what is happening in the wide world of chemistry? If so, add the blog here or read about blogs that others have submitted.

Beaking Bad Chemistry
Have you been wondering about the chemistry behind AMC's dramatic television series, Breaking Bad? Here's a look at the science of the show from a series of blog posts.

Science Notes and Projects
This is a website written in blog format that covers chemistry and other sciences, with projects, notes, and terms arranged by topic and grade level.

Chemistry World Blog
The RSC presents news and opinions on matters of chemistry.

Two theoretical physicists present their take on the world around them. It's not technically chemistry, but of course, theoretical physics and chemistry cover a lot of common ground.

The Chem Blog
In this blog, a chemist blogs about interesting blogged content. Makes sense?

Chemical Engineering World
A chemical engineer shares his on-the-job thoughts and experiences in this science blog.

Alternative Energy Blog
You'll find news and strong opinions relating to the field of alternative energy.

Adventures in Ethics and Science
It's a conversational discussion on ethics and science, presented by a college professor (Ph.D. in physical chemistry).

Nerdy Science Blog
Self-described nerds talk about the latest happenings in science.

About Chemistry Blog
This blog is updated daily with news and timely chemistry information. Brought to you by your About Chemistry Guide, Anne Helmenstine, Ph.D.

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