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Name 3 Disaccharides

List of Disaccharides


This is the chemical structure of lactose, a disaccharide found in milk.

This is the chemical structure of lactose, a disaccharide found in milk.

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Disaccharides are sugars or carbohydrates made by linking two monosaccharides. This is a list of some disaccharides, including the monosaccharides they are made from and foods containing them. Sucrose, maltose, and lactose are the most familiar disaccharides, but there are others.
  1. sucrose (saccharose)
    glucose + fructose
    Sucrose is table sugar. It is purified from sugar cane or sugar beets.


  2. maltose
    glucose + glucose
    Maltose is a sugar found in some cereals and candies. It is a product of starch digestions and may be purified from barley and other grains.


  3. lactose
    galactose + glucose
    Sugar found in milk.


  4. lactulose
    galactose + fructose


  5. trehalose
    glucose + glucose


  6. cellobiose
    glucose + glucose
    Hydrolysis product of cellulose.


Bonds and Properties

Note multiple disaccharides are possible when monosaccharides bond to each other, since a glycosidic bond can form between any hydroxyl group on the component sugars. For example, two glucose molecules can join to form maltose, trehalose, or cellobiose. Even though these disaccharides are made from the same component sugars, they are distinct molcules with different chemical and physical properties from each other.

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