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Copper Alloys List

List of Copper Alloys


This is a list of copper alloys or alloys in which copper is usually the base metal.
  • Arsenical copper
  • Beryllium copper (beryllium)
  • Billon (silver)
  • Brass (zinc)
    • Calamine brass (zinc)
    • Chinese silver (zinc)
    • Dutch metal (zinc)
    • Gilding metal (zinc)
    • Muntz metal (zinc)
    • Pinchbeck (zinc)
    • Prince's metal (zinc)
    • Tombac (zinc)
  • Bronze (tin, aluminum or any other element)
    • Aluminum bronze (aluminum)
    • Arsenical bronze
    • Bell metal (tin)
    • Florentine bronze (aluminum or tin)
    • Glucydur
    • Guani­n
    • Gunmetal (tin, zinc)
    • Phosphor bronze (tin and phosphorus)
    • Ormolu (Gilt Bronze) (zinc)
    • Speculum metal (tin)
  • Constantan (nickel)
  • Copper-tungsten (tungsten)
  • Corinthian bronze (gold, silver)
  • Cunife (nickel, iron)
  • Cupronickel (nickel)
  • Cymbal alloys (Bell metal) (tin)
  • Devarda's alloy (aluminum, zinc)
  • Electrum (gold, silver)
  • Hepatizon (gold, silver)
  • Heusler alloy (manganese, tin)
  • Manganin (manganese, nickel)
  • Nickel silver (nickel)
  • Nordic gold (aluminum, zinc, tin)
  • Shakudo (gold)
  • Tumbaga (gold)

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