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List of the Strong Acids

6 Strong Acids To Know


Sulfuric acid is one of the strong acids.

Sulfuric acid is one of the strong acids.

Ben Mills

These are the strong acids. What makes them 'strong' is that they completely dissociate into their ions (H+ and an anion) when they are mixed with water. Any other acid is a weak acid. There are only six strong acids, so you might want to commit the list of strong acids to memory.

HCl - hydrochloric acid

HNO3 - nitric acid

H2SO4 - sulfuric acid

HBr - hydrobromic acid

HI - hydroiodic acid (also known as hydriodic acid)

HClO4 - perchloric acid

As the strong acids become more concentrated, they may be unable to fully dissociate. The rule of thumb is that a strong acid is 100% dissociated in solutions of 1.0 M or less.

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