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Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter I

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Chemistry


Chemistry abbreviations and acronyms are common in all fields of science. This collection offers common abbreviations and acronyms beginning with the letter I used in chemistry and chemical engineering.

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I - electrical current
I - Iodine
I - Isoleucine
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
IAQ - Indoor Air Quality
IB - Ion Balance
IC - Ice Crystals
ICE - Initial, Change, Equilibrium
ICE - Internal Combustion Engine
ICP - Inductively Coupled Plasma
ICSC - International Chemical Safety Card
ICSD - Inorganic Crystal Structure Database
ICSN - Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles
IE - Inert Electrolyte
IE - Ionization Energy
IEA - International Energy Agency
IG - Inert Gas
iHOP - information Hyperlinked Over Proteins
i.i.d. - independent and identically distributed
IK - Inverse Kinematics
IMBR - Immersed Membrane BioReactor
IMF - InterMolecular Force
IMS - Industrial Methylated Spirit
In - Indium
InChI - International Chemical Identifier
IOC - InOrganic Contaminant
IOCB - Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry
IOCM - International Organic Chemistry Meeting
IPA - IsoPropyl Alcohol
IQ - Iron Quality
IR - Incident Report
IR - InfraRed
IR - Ionizing Radiation
Ir - Iridium
IRM - Interference Reflection Microscopy
ISI - Initial State Interaction
ISI - In-Situ Interfermometer ISM - Industrial, Scientific, or Medical
IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

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