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Smoke Bomb Recipes

How to Make Smoke Bombs


Smoke bombs are easy and fun to make and light. There are several types of smoke bombs you can make, plus you can use the smoke bomb recipe as a starting point for other types of pyrotechnic devices. Try these recipes for making your own smoke bombs.

Classic Smoke Bomb - Video Tutorial

This homemade smoke bomb is easy to make and only requires two ingredients.
Anne Helmenstine
Smoke bombs are the easiest and safest do-it-yourself firework project. You only need two inexpensive, non-toxic ingredients and it only takes minutes to make up a batch of smoke bombs. Watch and learn how you can cook up a smoke bomb at home.

Colored Smoke Bombs

Colored smoke bombs work by dispersing dye into the air.
Anne Helmenstine
Colored smoke is easy to make and requires few ingredients. Here's a list of some colored smoke formulations to try.

Step-By-Step Classic Smoke Bomb

This homemade smoke bomb is easy to make and only requires two ingredients.
Anne Helmenstine
Sometimes it's easier to print off instructions and follow those, much like reading a recipe while cooking. Here are some step-by-step instructions for making the classic smoke bomb.

Smoke Bomb Fountain Firework

You can make a fountain firework using the homemade smoke bomb recipe.
Anne Helmenstine
Kick the traditional smoke bomb recipe up a notch to make a firework fountain that shoots purple flames with lots of smoke. This is a fun and easy homemade firework project.

Non-Cook Smoke Bomb Recipe

A classic smoke bomb is easy to make and safe to use, but you can make the project even safer if you don't heat the ingredients. Here's what you do.

White Smoke with Colored Flames

Adding common metal salts to your smoke bomb recipe will produce colored fire. These recipes still produce white smoke.

How to Light a Smoke Bomb

Once you have a smoke bomb, here's how you light it.

More Smoke Bomb Recipes

There's more than one way to make a smoke bomb. Here's a collection of recipes, so you can make a device using the materials you have on hand.

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