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12 Days of Christmas Chemistry

Get chemistry demonstration, decorating and project ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Chemistry Christmas Decorations
Apply chemistry to make several types of Christmas decorations, including a silvered ornament, crystal star and snowflake, sparkling stocking and copper-plated decoration.

Christmas Tree Chemistry
Use chemistry to keep the Christmas tree fresh, grow a crystal Christmas tree, crystallize a silver tree or make a tree-shaped Lichtenberg figure.

Christmas Baking Chemistry
Learn how to make holiday baking substitutions with these Christmas cooking chemistry instructions.

Handmade Gift Wrap
Wrap Christmas presents in style! Use chemistry to craft marbled and scented gift wrap or to make your own paper from scratch.

Chemistry Christmas Presents
Get ideas for the coolest Christmas presents involving chemistry or use chemistry to make your own gifts.

White Christmas
Do you want a White Christmas? Chemistry can help you understand how snowflakes work, make real snow, make fake snow and even apply freezing point depression to mix up some snow ice cream.

Christmas Chem Demos
Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by performing a different Chemistry demonstration each day of lab leading up to the holiday!

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