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Spiders in Space on Skylab 3 - Chemistry - About.com
Oct 24, 2014 ... Spiders went to space as part of NASA's Skylab 3 mission. Learn about the mission and the effect microgravity had on the spiders' ability to ...
Spiders in Space - Spiders on Columbia STS-107 - Chemistry
Columbia's STS-107 mission carried SpaceHab's STARS (Space Technology and Research Students) payload. Among the experiments was Australia's ' Spiders ...
Characteristics of Spiders - Order Araneae - Insects - About.com
Spiders are often feared and sometimes scorned, but they do serve a purpose on our planet. Did you know that this order, Araneae, is the largest entirely ...
Spiders (Class Arachnida) - Insects - About.com
Looking for an arthropod of the eight-legged variety? Try checking out these articles and links on spiders.
Widow Spiders, Genus Latrodectus - Insects - About.com
The famous black widow is just one of the venomous widow spiders living throughout the world. Bites from female widow spiders are medically significant, and ...
Camel Spider Arachnid Species Overview - Insects - About.com
Camel spiders inhabit deserts and other arid environments, including areas of the Middle East where U.S. soldiers are stationed. What are camel spiders, ...
Learn About Wolf Spiders - Family Lycosidae - Insects - About.com
One of the largest spider families, wolf spiders use keen eyesight, quick reflexes, and camouflage to survive as ground dwellers.
10 Fascinating Facts About Spiders - Insects - About.com
Spiders – some people love them, some people hate them. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, you'll find these 10 facts about spiders fascinating. 1.
Learn About Jumping Spiders - Family Salticidae - Insects - About.com
Jumping spiders comprise the largest family in the order, the family Salticidae. They use their vision and springing ability to hunt and capture prey.
Why Spiders Decorate Their Webs – Spider Web Decorations - Insects
Some spiders make elaborate decorations in their webs - circles, zigzags, crosses, or spirals. What purpose do these web decorations, called stabilimenta,  ...
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