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Spiders in Space on Skylab 3 - Chemistry - About.com
Oct 24, 2014 ... Spiders went to space as part of NASA's Skylab 3 mission. Learn about the mission and the effect microgravity had on the spiders' ability to ...
Spiders (Class Arachnida) - Insects - About.com
Looking for an arthropod of the eight-legged variety? Try checking out these articles and links on spiders.
Are Camel Spiders Real? - Urban Legends
Viral photo taken by U.S. soldiers in Iraq shows a pair of gigantic arachnids known as camel spiders. Is it true they're deadly?
Venomous Spiders - Pest Control - About.com
Most spiders of the U.S. are harmless, but the hobo spider, black widow spider, and brown recluse spider can be dangerous - but their bite can be prevented.
Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 4: Spiders - Pest Control
Our survey showed that spiders are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about spiders, spider behaviors and spider control.
Utah's Dangerous Spiders - Salt Lake City - About.com
Utah is home to three species of dangerous spiders. Here is information about all three, plus tips for spider bite safety and first aid.
Learn the Puppy Danger from Spider & Scorpion Stings - Puppies
Learn to identify dangerous spiders and scorpions, and know symptoms and first aid for dangerous stings in this article about spider bites and scorpion stings.
Characteristics of Spiders - Order Araneae - Insects - About.com
Spiders are often feared and sometimes scorned, but they do serve a purpose on our planet. Did you know that this order, Araneae, is the largest entirely ...
10 Fascinating Facts About Spiders - Insects - About.com
Spiders – some people love them, some people hate them. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, you'll find these 10 facts about spiders fascinating. 1.
The Wolf Spider: How Dangerous is its Bite?
All spiders have eight eyes, but some use their vision more than others. In fact the orb-weaver spider operates primarily by feel alone, while the wolf spider uses ...
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