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Mineral Pictures Index - Geology - About.com
My master guide to annotated pictures to help you identify minerals: typical examples of rock-forming, accessory, and rare or notable minerals.
Rock-Forming Minerals - Geology - About.com
A handful of very abundant minerals account for the great majority of the Earth's rocks. These rock-forming minerals are the ones that define the bulk chemistry of  ...
Gemstones to Minerals, Minerals to Gemstones Guide - Geology
Big list of mineral names and their corresponding gemstone names.
Brown Minerals - Geology - About.com
A guide to the most common and significant brown minerals.
Minerals That Live on the Earth's Surface - Geology - About.com
Geologists know about thousands of different minerals locked in rocks, but when rocks are exposed at the Earth's surface and fall victim to weathering, just a ...
Guide to Common Green and Greenish Minerals
A guide to the most common and significant green and greenish minerals.
The Garnet Minerals - Geology - About.com
Garnet is a mineral family with a few green species, but most garnets range from salmon-orange to dark ruby red. Garnet crystals are usually compact grains with  ...
What Are Minerals? Four Things That Define Them - Geology
If the answer is "mineral," it could mean anything that isn't alive or formerly alive. That's too vague for geology. Minerals are any substance with all of four specific ...
The Silicate Minerals - Geology - About.com
The silicate minerals make up the great majority of rocks. Silicate is a chemical term for the group of a single atom of silicon surrounded by four atoms of oxygen,  ...
Sulfate Minerals - Geology - About.com
Sulfate minerals are delicate and occur near the Earth's surface in sedimentary rocks such as limestone, gypsum rock and rock salt. Sulfates tend to live where ...
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