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Can a Candle Burn in Zero Gravity? - Science FAQ - Chemistry
Jun 15, 2014 ... Answer: Yes, can candle can burn in zero gravity. However, the flame is quite a bit different. Fire behaves differently in space and microgravity ...
Microgravity Flames - Chemistry - About.com
This stunning artwork was made using three separate images of flames produced in microgravity. The image won first place in the 2011 Combustion Art ...
Spiders in Space - Spiders on Columbia STS-107 - Chemistry
The purpose of the experiment was to examine spider prey capture, web building , and silk characteristics in a microgravity environment. The project was also ...
Is Sex in Space Possible? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Since blood obviously doesn't flow the same way in micro-gravity it is not a reach to assume that the flow of other vital sexual fluids would be inhibited as well.
Space Shuttles STS-073 - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Rominger, along with four other NASA astronauts and two guest researchers, spent 16 full days in space in support of the United States Microgravity Laboratory ...
Space Shuttles STS-073 - Space/Astronomy - About.com
The two were joined by three other NASA astronauts and two guest researchers for almost 16-days of in-orbit research in support of the U.S. Microgravity ...
Space Shuttles STS-073 - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Oct 23, 1995 ... This Electronic Still Camera (ESC) frame was the first downlinked from the spacecraft during the scheduled 16-day United States Microgravity ...
Space Shuttle Images - STS-093 - Space/Astronomy - About.com
The freezer is flown in support of two plant growth experiments--Plant Growth Investigations in Microgravity (PGIM) and Biological Research in Canisters (BRIC ).
Mission Checklist - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Buzz Aldrin explains how the Apollo 11 crew uses mission checklists in microgravity.
Potty Training - How To Go To The Bathroom In Space
There are many things we take for granted here on Earth that take on a whole new aspect when you're orbiting the Earth in microgravity. One of the most asked  ...
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