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Can a Candle Burn in Zero Gravity? - Science FAQ - Chemistry
Answer: Yes, can candle can burn in zero gravity. However, the flame is quite a bit different. Fire behaves differently in space and microgravity than on Earth.
Microgravity Flames - Chemistry - About.com
This stunning artwork was made using three separate images of flames produced in microgravity. The image won first place in the 2011 Combustion Art ...
Spiders in Space - Spiders on Columbia STS-107 - Chemistry
The purpose of the experiment was to examine spider prey capture, web building , and silk characteristics in a microgravity environment. The project was also ...
Is Sex in Space Possible? - About Space and Astronomy
Since blood obviously doesn't flow the same way in micro-gravity it is not a reach to assume that the flow of other vital sexual fluids would be inhibited as well.
Space Shuttles STS-073 - About Space and Astronomy
Rominger, along with four other NASA astronauts and two guest researchers, spent 16 full days in space in support of the United States Microgravity Laboratory ...
Space Shuttles STS-073 - About Space and Astronomy
The two were joined by three other NASA astronauts and two guest researchers for almost 16-days of in-orbit research in support of the U.S. Microgravity ...
Space Shuttles STS-073 - About Space and Astronomy
Oct 23, 1995 ... This Electronic Still Camera (ESC) frame was the first downlinked from the spacecraft during the scheduled 16-day United States Microgravity ...
Space Shuttle Images - STS-093 - About Space and Astronomy
The freezer is flown in support of two plant growth experiments--Plant Growth Investigations in Microgravity (PGIM) and Biological Research in Canisters (BRIC ).
Potty Training - How To Go To The Bathroom In Space
There are many things we take for granted here on Earth that take on a whole new aspect when you're orbiting the Earth in microgravity. One of the most asked  ...
Mission Checklist - About Space and Astronomy
Buzz Aldrin explains how the Apollo 11 crew uses mission checklists in microgravity.
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