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Home Chemicals List - Make a Home Chemistry Kit
May 16, 2014 ... This is a list of chemicals I keep at home so my kids can do chemistry projects and grow crystals. The activities are safe for kids with adult ...
Make Your Own Chemicals - Prepare Chemicals Yourself - Chemistry
Learn how to prepare your own chemicals for chemistry lab or home experiments .
Dangerous Household Chemicals - Common Products - Chemistry
May 27, 2014 ... Many common household chemicals are dangerous. They may be reasonably safe when used as directed, yet contain toxic chemicals or ...
Expiration Dates for Household Chemicals - Chemistry - About.com
Jun 19, 2014 ... Some common everyday chemicals last indefinitely, but others have a shelf life. This is a table of expiration dates for several household ...
Kitchen Science Experiments and Projects - Chemistry - About.com
Aug 23, 2014 ... Fun Science Experiments Using Kitchen Chemicals ... Red cabbage juice can be used to test the pH of common household chemicals. -.
Toxic Chemicals - Chemistry - About.com
Many common household chemicals are dangerous. They may be reasonably safe when used as directed, yet contain toxic chemicals or degrade over time into  ...
Common Chemicals and Where to Find Them - Chemistry - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Ammonium hydroxide may be prepared by mixing household ammonia (sold as a cleaner) and strong ammonia (sold in some pharmacies) ...
Home Accident Anytime-Cleaning Project #2 - Personal Insurance
Poisonous home chemicals include items such as: Cleaning Products, Detergents, Bug Spray, and Pet Flea Collars. Also, be aware of overdose items such as ...
Common Household Chemicals - Dangerous Mixtures - Chemistry
May 13, 2014 ... Some of the common chemicals found in your home shouldn't be mixed together. It's one thing to say "don't mix bleach with ammonia", but it's ...
Make Ammonium Nitrate From Household Chemicals - Chemistry
May 22, 2014 ... You can make ammonium nitrate from common household chemicals. The ammonium nitrate may be used to make pyrotechnics or cold packs ...
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