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Gemstones Alphabetical List - Chemistry - About.com
This alphabetical list of gemstones includes the mineral names of the gemstones as well as links to photos of the gems.
Hiddenite Gems - Emerald Hollow Mine - Chemistry - About.com
The Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC is the only emerald mine in the United States open to the public for prospecting. I went to North Carolina to check the ...
Official List of State Gems by State - Geology - About.com
Thirty-five of the 50 states have designated an official state gem. (Montana and Nevada have named both a precious and semiprecious gemstone.) A gemstone  ...
Ruby (Programming): Add / Install Gems From Repository
You can add and install Ruby Gems by searching the Ruby Gems repository. Simply run the gem search command. By default, Ruby Gems only searches your  ...
Gems - Ruby - About.com
Learn how to install and update RubyGems and find out the uses and strengths of specific gems as they're examined in our Spotlight on Gems.
25 Gem Commands for Maximizing Ruby Gem Use - About.com
The gem command is one of the most used Ruby-related commands, but most users don't take the time to learn anything past gem install and gem search.
Installing Gems from Git Repositories - Ruby - About.com
Many gems are hosted on git repositories, such as the public repositories on Github. However, to get the latest version, quite often there are no gems built for you ...
Quick Tip: Install Gems Faster - Ruby - About.com
By installing Gems with the --no-rdoc --no-ri switches will skip this step. ... If you want this to be the default behavior every time you install a new gem, you can put  ...
Creating and Distributing Gems with Bundler - Ruby - About.com
Creating Ruby gems has always been a bit of a pain. When you get right down to it, it's not a hard thing to do, but it's easy to forget how if you don't do it often ...
Getting Started With Bundler for Ruby Gems - About.com
Considering Bundler does a relatively complex job, the basics of using Bundler to manage gem dependencies in your projects is very simple. In a nutshell, you'll ...
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