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Functional Groups - Organic Chemistry - About.com
Many important organic chemistry molecules contain oxygen or nitrogen. It's a good idea to memorize the names and structures of these functional groups, or at  ...
Functional Groups - Chemistry - About.com
The acyl functional group is the part of the structure highlighted in green.
Functional Groups in Chemistry - About.com
Functional Groups or Functional Moiety definition, as used in chemistry and other physical sciences.
Functional Groups - Chemistry - About.com
Functional groups are groups of atoms found within molecules that are involved in the chemical reactions characteristic of those molecules. Functional groups ...
Common Organic Functional Groups - Chemistry - About.com
Many organic chemistry molecules contain groups of atoms known as functional groups. This short list contains many of the most common organic functional ...
Phenyl Functional Group - Chemistry - About.com
The phenyl functional group is a hydrocarbon functional group derived from benzene. - Ben Mills. The phenyl functional group is a hydrocarbon functional group ...
Functional Group Quiz - Test Your Recognition of Common Organic ...
You see them all the time, but how well do you know your common organic functional groups? Take this quiz to see if you can match names to structures of ...
Fluoro Functional Group - Chemistry - About.com
Gallery Index: Functional Groups. Fluoro Functional Group. By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. The fluoro functional group is a fluoroalkane. It contains a ...
Primary Amine Functional Group - Chemistry - About.com
You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. Image 54 of 69. Primary Amine Group. A primary amine is one of the amine ...
Naming Simple Alkyl Chain Functional Groups
A simple alkyl group is a functional group made up entirely of carbon and hydrogen where the carbon atoms are chained together by single bonds. The general ...
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