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What Is Fermentation? - Chemistry - About.com
Fermentation is a process used to produce wine, beer, yogurt and other products. Here's a look at the chemical process that occurs during fermentation.
Fermentation Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... This is the definition of fermentation. ... Definition: Fermentation is a class of chemical processes that produce energy through oxidation ...
Lacto-Fermentation - How Does It Work? - Food Preservation
How lacto-fermentation safely preserves foods without canning, special ingredients, or fancy equipment.
Fermentation - Biotech / Biomedical Glossary Definition
A general definition of fermentation is an energy-yielding anaerobic metabolic process in which organisms convert nutrients (typically carbohydrates) to alcohols ...
Malolactic Fermentation - Wine Glossary - Wines - About.com
Malolactic fermentation is a part of the vinification process for the vast majority of red wines and a handful of white wines. Malolactic fermentation is largely ...
Wine Fermentation - Wines - About.com
Wine fermentation is the critical conversion of a grape's sugar content into alcohol by active yeast. The higher the sugar content in the grape the higher the ...
Lacto-fermentation Without Adding Salt
Salt-added fermentation starts out by creating an alkaline environment that discourages harmful bacteria but allows healthy, probiotic bacteria to thrive and get to ...
Lacto-Fermentation Fruit and Vegetable Recipes - Food Preservation
Fermentation is one of the most ancient forms of food preservation, and one of the easiest. Here are some recipes for fermented vegetables and fruits that are ...
Probiotic Lacto-Fermented Carrot Recipe - Food Preservation
An easy recipe for delicious lacto-fermented carrots that are rich in healthy probiotics.
What is Fermentation? - The Fermenting Process of Distilling Liquor
Fermentation tank at the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey Distillery. - Photo Credit: Shannon. Fermentation tank at the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey Distillery.
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