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What Is Fermentation? - Chemistry - About.com
Fermentation is a process used to produce wine, beer, yogurt and other products. Here's a look at the chemical process that occurs during fermentation.
Fermentation Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Jun 20, 2014 ... This is the definition of fermentation. ... Definition: Fermentation is a class of chemical processes that produce energy through oxidation ...
Fermentation - Biotech / Biomedical Glossary Definition
A general definition of fermentation is an energy-yielding anaerobic metabolic process in which organisms convert nutrients (typically carbohydrates) to alcohols ...
Lacto-Fermentation - How Does It Work? - Food Preservation
How lacto-fermentation safely preserves foods without canning, special ingredients, or fancy equipment.
Wine Fermentation - Wines - About.com
Wine fermentation is the critical conversion of a grape's sugar content into alcohol by active yeast. The higher the sugar content in the grape the higher the ...
Malolactic Fermentation - Wine Glossary - Wines - About.com
Malolactic fermentation is a part of the vinification process for the vast majority of red wines and a handful of white wines. Malolactic fermentation is largely ...
What is Fermentation? - The Fermenting Process of Distilling Liquor
Fermentation tank at the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey Distillery. - Photo Credit: Shannon. Fermentation tank at the Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey Distillery.
Microbial Fermentation - Biology - About.com
Information on fermentation and the large intestine.
Lacto-fermentation Without Adding Salt
Traditional lacto-fermentation - the process that produces real sauerkraut and kimchi - starts by adding salt. Lots of salt. But there are two ways to lacto-ferment  ...
Difference Between Fermentation & Anaerobic Respiration - Evolution
Fermentation is an anaerobic process, but is it the same thing as anaerboic respiration?
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