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How a Diesel - Biodiesel Vehicle Works - About Hybrid Cars
Learn the basics about what a diesel/biodiesel vehicle is and how it works.
Rudolf Diesel - Inventor of the Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel - Inventors
Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the diesel fueled engine.
What Is Diesel Common Rail Direct (CRD) Injection?
Find out how diesel common rail direct injection (CRD) works.
Understanding Diesel - Differentiating Types of Diesel Fuels
The use of biodiesel is growing, but it is important to understand how this form of diesel is differentiated from other types of this fuel.
Diesel: What it is and how it works - Cars - About.com
Here in the US, the diesel engine is often associated with trucks and buses where its longevity and strong pulling power make it a better choice than gasoline.
The Science Behind What Makes a Diesel Engine Work - Auto Repair
Whether you drive a diesel or are just really into engines, you will want to know what makes you a diesel engine work. It's not like a gasoline engine, and if ...
What is a Clean Diesel? - About Hybrid Cars
Clean diesels utilize advanced fuel delivery and exhaust scrubbing technology that take advantage of the 15 ppm sulfur content of ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD).
How Does a Diesel Engine Work and Why Is It Efficient? - Auto Repair
Why is a diesel engine more efficient than an equivalent gasoline engine? What is a turbo diesel? There are a lot of physics in the answer to these questions, but  ...
Are Diesel Engines as Reliable as Gas Engines? - Auto Repair
Does a diesel engine get better gas mileage than a gasoline engine? These are questions that many potential diesel owners ask, and they are good questions.
Diesel & Biodiesel Vehicles in Cold Weather - About Hybrid Cars
Be mindful of these three issues on your diesel before cold weather strikes and you'll eliminate common diesel cold weather starting problems and at the same ...
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