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Top 25 Chemistry Features
Most Popular Chemistry Topics
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• What Is Chemistry?
• Periodic Table
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What are visitors to About Chemistry reading? I'll tell you! Here are the top 25 most-visited pages:

  1. Periodic Table - All the elements with links to much more info!
  2. Chemical and Physical Changes - Learn what chemical and physical changes are and get examples.
  3. Printable Periodic Tables - This is a collection of free downloadable and printable periodic tables.
  4. Chemistry Glossary - Find the definitions to terms in this ever-expanding glossary.
  5. Printable Chemistry Worksheets - Print worksheets to practice chemistry problems.
  6. Chemical Structures - See the structures of molecules.
  7. Baking Soda Versus Baking Powder - Learn about the difference between baking soda and baking powder and how to substitute them.
  8. Can You Drink Too Much Water? - Learn whether it's possible to drink too much water, how much it takes, and what happens.
  9. Chemistry Problems - Learn how to work problems by using examples.
  10. Crystal Meth Facts - Learn about the chemistry of a well-known illegal drug.
  11. How To Write a Lab Report - Here are step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a lab report for chemistry.
  12. List of Elements - This is a list of all the known chemical elements.
  13. How To Calculate Concentration - Learn how to determine the concentration of a chemical solution.
  14. Heterogeneous vs Homogeneous - Find out the difference between heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures and get examples.
  15. How To Balance Equations - Learn how to set up a balanced equation.
  16. Acid-Base Indicators - Information about common indicators, with a table showing pH ranges, quantities, and colors.
  17. How To Calculate Theoretical Yield - Learn how to calculate the theoretical yield of a chemical reaction.
  18. What Is Borax? - Find out what borax is and how it cleans and kills bugs.
  19. Independent vs Dependent Variables - Understand the difference between independent and dependent variables in a scientific experiment.
  20. Firework Colors - Explanation of how the colors are formed with a table of common colorants.
  21. Periodic Table Quiz - Use information about the elements (found using a Periodic Table) to answer the questions to this multiple choice quiz.
  22. Natural Mosquito Repellents - Find natural alternatives to help repel mosquitoes and other insects.
  23. Chemistry Quizzes - Look here for all of the quizzes and self-tests from About Chemistry and for links to quizzes at other sites.
  24. Home Experiments - Whether you are home schooling or simply looking for chemistry activities that can be done with everyday materials, Home Experiments delivers!
  25. Demonstrations & Experiments - Get instructions for setting up your own chemistry activities.

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