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Guide Picks - Top Chemistry Sets
There are some truly exceptional chemistry sets out right now! Many of these chemistry kits introduce fundamental concepts through fun themes, such as 'slime' or 'glowing chemistry' or 'edible chemistry', while other sets are safer versions of the standard chemistry sets that have been around for decades. All of them look cool and interesting to me, but my kids favor ones that involve slime, glow, or make food! All of these kits have won awards. Choose one for which you can find replacement chemicals or the kit will be a one-shot deal.
Smithsonian Chemistry Sets
Smithsonian offers several extremely safe, all-purpose chemistry sets, each accompanied with a detailed project book (over 1500 experiments) and storage case. The kits include microamounts of chemicals, use no glass, include all safety equipment, and require no open flame. Adult supervision recommended. Ages 10+
My First Chemistry Kit
Introduce your young scientist to the exciting world of chemistry with Scientific Explorer's chemistry set. The kit introduces the concepts of lenses, magnification, images, properties of materials, shape recognition, patterns, comparison testing, crystals, dissolving, evaporation, and the scientific method. Projects include use of the microscope, making an ornament, and testing acids and bases. Ages 4+

Slime Chemistry
Slime Chemistry (some boxes say 'Slimey') kits include everything needed for 8 hands-on experiments, including making of silly putty and cornstarch goo. The exercises are designed to help young chemists understand topics including as polymers, colloids, and solvents. Adult supervision recommended. Ages 7+
Kitchen Table Chemistry
Wild Goose's Kitchen Table Chemistry kit offers 21 activities to introduce concepts including water polarity, acids, bases, and bubbles. Adult supervision is recommended. Ages 8+
After Dinner Science
This Wild Goose chemistry kit contains supplies and instructions for bursting colorful milk, silverware science, stretching bananas, and more. Adult supervision is recommended. Ages 8+
Just Add Water
21 different aquatic activies are offered in this Wild Goose chemistry set. Experiments include growing a Mondo Monster, Instant Ice, and Crystal Rainbow. Adult supervision and some household supplies are required. Ages 8+
Crash and Burn Chemistry
Wild Goose's science kit includes twelve studies of chemical and physical reactions. Experiments cover thermal chemistry, glow-in-the-dark chemistry, precipitation, and coagulation. Adult supervision and a few household supplies are required. Ages 8+
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