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Duck and Cover Civil Defense Film

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Duck and cover!

Duck and cover!

Civil Defense Administration

Duck and Cover

This is the famous Civil Defense film in which Bert the Turtle demonstrates how to 'duck and cover' in case of an atomic attack. This 1951 black and white film has a run time of 9:15. You can watch it with a modem or broadband connection or download it.


This flick has a catchy tune and delivers an unforgettable message. It's entertaining and/or horrifying. Either way, it is a definite 'Must See'. Don't forget that the film was produced for schoolchildren. My kids had lots of interesting questions about atomic bombs after viewing Duck and Cover. They've also memorized the lyrics.

Available Formats:

  • DIVX (30M)
  • MPEG2 (245M)
  • VCD (93M)
  • MOEG4 (32M)
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