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Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.

Metal Alloys Quiz

By February 13, 2014

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Sterling silver is an alloy. (Joshmt)Most of the metals you encounter are alloys or a mixture of metals. Usually metals are alloyed to make a product with qualities superior to pure elements. For example, you may think it would be nice to use pure gold or silver as silverware, but these elements are very soft, easily bent, and easily scratched. Most silverware is the alloy stainless steel, because it is strong and easy to keep clean, or sometimes the alloy sterling silver, which is more durable than pure silver.

Although you use alloys every day, how much do you know about them? I've put together a little quiz to test your knowledge of various alloys. Let's see how much you know!

Try the Quiz | 10 Interesting Alloy Facts


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