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Units of Measurement Quiz

By January 22, 2014

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Flasks may be used to measure volume. (H Berends)Science involves taking measurements for data. Just about everything you can measure has units attached to it. This quiz takes a look at the two most common systems of measurements -- the metric system and the English system -- and the tools you would use to take measurements for various units. It's only 10 multiple choice questions. I'd rate this quiz around middle school level. You can ace it, right?... Try the quiz


January 22, 2013 at 2:53 pm
(1) Rick says:

If using all of the above for choices, there need to be questions where ‘all of the above’ is an incorrect answer.

Kilogram is a unit of mass, Newton is a unit of force or weight.
Slug is a unit of mass, pound is a unit of force or weight.

the litre is a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of 1 kilogram of water under standard conditions so could a litre be used to convert to mass? If you have 5.3 liters of water you have 5.3 kg of water; often, volume is used to convert to mass if you know the density of the material.

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