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Duck Tape (Tapeboy, Wikipedia)Here's an extremely simple science project you can try. All you need is duct or duck tape. It doesn't matter which name you call it, but your results seem to depend partially on the brand you use: Henkel™ works well.

What You Do

Tear off two strips of tape. Stick the pieces together with the sticky sides facing each other, leaving enough tape so that you can pull the strips apart. Turn out the lights. Give your eyes a minute or two to adjust to the dark. Pull the strips of tape apart.

What Happened

Did you see the blue line where the tape separated? This is triboluminescence, which is a type of luminescence triggered by mechanical energy or electrical energy from an action such as friction. You can get the same effect from other types of tape as well. A good one to try is transparent Scotch™ tape.

My camera was not sufficiently sensitive to take a photo of this effect, but you may be able to capture tape triboluminescence if you have high-speed capability.

More Triboluminescence Examples | Candy Spark-in-the-Dark


February 8, 2010 at 9:56 pm
(1) East Middle School Student says:

I would to say thank you for your information on Beryllium. I have been looking for facts on it for the past hour for my science homework project and was unable to find any good logical information on this element insead most were comparing to the element aragon. Which I’m sure as I know you must also know these have very little if no relation at all. So in ending I would enjoy to say thank you and I belive I will be coming back to your blog site to find more intresting facts and things for my self education and my other middle school peers.

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