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Do you know any weird or bizarre chemistry facts? I thought it might be fun to put together a list, so here are some I know. Please post a reply with your weird chemistry fact and I'll add it.
  • Liquid oxygen is blue.
  • Some radioactive elements really do glow.
  • You can die from drinking too much water.
  • If you mix half a liter of alcohol with half a liter of water, the volume of the mixture will be less than one liter.
  • Liquid water is more dense than solid water (ice).
  • You can melt a sample of the element gallium just by holding it in your hand.
  • Under certain conditions, hot water will freeze more quickly than cold water.
  • You can't solidify helium at normal pressures, even at absolute zero. (You can solidify it at extremely high pressure and low temperature.)


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